Take that first step!

Just leave everything in the bank and walk out the city gates. Its really that simple when you have nothing to lose.

You could very well be unlucky and get attacked just out the city. But if you have nothing then what does it really matter? Go back in town and resurrect. Give it some time to cool down out there and try again.

If on the other hand you find yourself not getting attacked, then roam around a bit and get familiar with the surrounding area. Look for landmarks that you can use to remember how to return to a location or to get back to where you started.

Follow roads, rivers and coastlines so you know you can just head back the other way to return from where you came.

Once you are familiar with a river, road or coast line then you can explore away from it knowing that you can always try to return to them to find your way again.

Every time you find a new landmark, lake, river, town ect.. You have a new point of reference to start from. From there it can grow and grow until you can eventually find your way all around the world.